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Hi, I'm very interested to keep July 1st contest on my blog ( http://Tezzilicious.blogg.se ) So I wonder whether you would be interested in sponsoring a prize for my contest. My blog is about to grow larger every day so I think it would be great fun and enjoyed by many with more participants and you'd probably get a lot more visits when I have thought that one can read so that you have a question that must go into your side to find. I've had soo many similar competitions and it has only been positive when I'm good at spreading budskapaet that I have a race and who is sponsored. Do you have any requirements on how a race will go to or something else special you want to or need to know? :) I would be very happy if you would like to help with sponsorship! I write a lot about perfume, makeup, tips and different products and anything that has to do with beauty.


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Therese Bertheim - http://Tezzilicious.blogg.se


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